Customer Reviews

Check out the reviews we’re getting at Leiby's Carriage Service LLC! Our commitment to an amazing customer satisfaction experience and raising awareness about the Belgian Draft breed has not only helped fuel our growth, but has also contributed to building a stellar reputation among the public. We love hearing from our customers, so if you have feedback don’t hesitate to contact us!

My children and I enjoyed a delightful ride thru the countryside on a horse drawn trolley. Brady and Duke were very well mannered and kept a good pace. Our tour guides, Marisa and Eric were kind and informative. I recommend this carriage service to anyone looking for a fun afternoon away from home. We r looking forward to coming again!

They were absolutely fantastic!! Soo friendly, personable, knowledgeable, fun and you could just tell they love what they do and their horses are their babies!!! We will definitely be visiting them in their hometown for a sleigh ride whenever it decides to snow!!! Can't wait!!! I can't thank them enough for the wonderful evening trolley ride in Bethlehem!! Merry Christmas!

Josie Amundson

Stacey Coby

Awesome experience! Extremely helpful and accommodating! Super friendly and the horses were awesome! Very happy with my decision to do business with this local family company!

We had a wonderful experience on a private carriage ride recently. We got to meet Bill (their biggest horse!) and Brady. The owners are super friendly and really make the experience so great!! We truly felt part of the family while we were there! You can tell how much pride and love they have for their beautiful horses. We can't wait to go again, hopefully in the snow! Don't miss your opportunity to support this local small business!

Patrick McBreen

Lauren Roehl