Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is it to hire you?

Leiby's Carriage Service LLC treats each client as an individual and does not believe in a "one size fits all" pricing approach. We evaluate pricing on factors such as mileage traveled, duration of rides and complexity of the job. We make every effort to tailor the job to your needs and budget.

Does it hurt the horses to pull wagons and carriages?

In short, no. Historically, Belgians have been selectively bred for farm and logging work. With their thick, heavily muscled bodies, short backs, broad chests and 1 ton weight, a healthy draft horse can pull 2.5x it's own bodyweight! Paired with a mate, it is not unreasonable for a Belgian team to be able to pull up to 9,000lbs!

Prior to accepting a job, we evaluate all conditions to ensure the safety of our horses and passengers - traffic safety, route safety, weather, etc. If reasonable accommodations cannot be made, we will not commit to the job. We will never compromise safety!

What kind of carriages and wagons do you have?

We have 6 total vehicles in our fleet: two 16 passenger trolleys, an uncovered 12 passenger wagon, a 4 passenger maroon vis a vis carriage, 1 buckboard 8 passenger sleigh and a 4 passenger Sunday sleigh.